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Highrise is an immersive world where you can play, build, and meet new people. We want everyone to have a great experience, so we're always working on ways to keep it safe and welcoming for everyone. Here's how we protect our community:

Community Guidelines

We have rules in place to keep Highrise safe. Everyone receives a link to our Community Guidelines when they join Highrise. Our Trust and Safety team uses these rules to moderate content and make decisions on reports. If someone breaks any of these rules, we take action. We want to engage and educate players, so the first step is often a warning message about their behavior. If they continue misbehaving, we may permanently suspend their account.

Learn more about our Community Guidelines here

Trust & Safety Team

Our dedicated 24/7 Trust and Safety team is a group of professionals with a diverse background in moderation and online safety. They review reports and enforce our guidelines fairly and accurately. By building out this crucial team, we're better equipped to meet the needs of our ever-growing community.

Report System

We have a simple and effective report feature in the app. We encourage our players to report suspicious activity and inappropriate behavior to us. We prioritize reports of urgent threats and emergencies, and pass the details to the relevant authorities when necessary. We also provide helpline contact details for anyone in need of support.

Learn more about our Report System here

Technical Tools

We use AI-powered moderation platforms to review and detect content that may break our Community Guidelines. This includes:

  • Filtering out inappropriate chat messages
  • Filtering out inappropriate posts and photos
  • Flagging bad actors for investigation
  • Flagging potential underage users

Our tools also have built-in filters that automatically block flagged words from appearing in the app. This helps us reduce the amount of bad stuff you see sent in in chat and your newsfeed. Our team reviews these filters and updates them on a regular basis.

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