Reporting FAQs

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Before you report someone, have a look at our Community Guidelines. This explains everything we allow and don't allow on Highrise. Here's a guide on how to report something in-app.

If someone is bothering you but hasn't broken any rules, you can block them so they can't contact you again. To do this, open the person's profile page, tap the '...' icon in the upper right corner, and select 'block'.

When someone is reported on Highrise, our Trust and Safety team investigates the account to determine which actions to take, if necessary. Our process involves reviewing reports, account information, and other evidence available to us via our various safety tools. If the evidence demonstrates that our rules have been broken, we will take action.

  • Actions we may take include:
  • Sending a warning message
  • Removing newsfeed posts
  • Removing comments from a newsfeed post
  • Muting an account (restricting chat, posts, direct messages)
  • Temporarily suspending an account
  • Permanently banning an account

The penalty for a given action depends on a few things, including the severity of the offense, past offenses, and frequency of infractions. For example, multiple offenses over time will lead to longer mutes or suspensions. If you continue to break our guidelines, your account will be permanently banned.

While our disciplinary paths are built around an empathetic and educational model, there are some situations that warrant immediate removal from our app. In these instances, an account will be banned on the first offense.

Nope! An offending user won't know who reported them, so please feel free to bring the wrath of Highrise Staff upon them without fear. Reports are confidential and can only be seen by our Trust and Safety team.

Each report is sent to a queue and reviewed by a member of our Trust and Safety team. Issues in the queue are automatically prioritized so our team will see the most urgent cases first. The time it takes to review a report depends on the reason it was reported, the amount of evidence we need to look at, and how many items are in our queue.

We'll send you a message letting you know we received your report. For privacy reasons, we can't give you information about our investigation or what actions we took on an account. This doesn't mean we didn't do anything - if someone isn't following our guidelines, and we have proof of that, we will swing the hammer!

The best way to report a user is through our in-app reporting system. If you want to send us more evidence (e.g. screenshots, videos), you can submit a support ticket by contacting our support team in-app or at [email protected]. The report will be reviewed by our Trust and Safety team.

We won't be able to accept evidence of things that happen outside of Highrise (e.g. Discord, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

If your Highrise account has been warned, muted, or suspended, you can appeal to our Trust and Safety team by contacting [email protected].

Before you send an appeal, please be aware that:

  • You can only appeal your own account's actions. Appeals sent on behalf of another person will be rejected.
  • You're responsible for your account. This means any violation that happens on your account, even by another person, will result in that account having action taken against it.
  • Submitting more appeals after a decision was made will be rejected.
  • Abusive language towards staff will be rejected. Please be respectful!
  • Appeals are not guaranteed and are given at the discretion of our Trust and Safety team.

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