Keeping Your Account Safe

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Are you looking to keep your Highrise account safe? Well, you've come to the right place! Account security is one of the most important factors in ensuring your account remains in your control, and that your valuable (and cute!) items remain in your possession. Keep in mind that Highrise cannot recover any items lost due to unauthorized account access, so prevention is key. Below are some steps you can take in ensuring your account is as secure as possible.

Safety Lock

What is Safety Lock? Explained simply, a safety lock is a 6-digit pin that must be entered into your account before certain actions are allowed. Think of it just like a pin number for your bank account; except, of course, your Highrise items are more valuable than money, and no dead presidents are as cute as our items! Not even Benjamin Franklin.

When you enable Safety Lock on your account, the following features are locked until your pin is entered:

  • Trading
  • Changing your email address
  • Changing your password
  • Connecting accounts (such as Google, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Adding items to a Secondhand Grab machine
  • Changing your username

Step 1. Go to your account's Settings page. Tap on the Safety Lock.

Safety Lock in account's Settings

Step 2. Enable safety lock

Enable Safety Lock

Step 3. Create a New Pin

Create a new pin for Safety Lock

Nope, your 6-digit pin is encrypted. Our support team can’t see, hear, touch, or smell it. Bummer!

Ah, forgetful, are we? That's fine, we planned for this. In your settings, on the Safety Lock page, just simply choose the 'forgot pin' option. Once that option is selected we'll go ahead and send a pin reset link to your registered email address.

If you choose not to activate our Safety Lock feature and your account is compromised, we can assist you in recovering your account, but any items lost cannot be returned.

Sharing your account details

You should never share your account details with any other players, for any reason. Even if they promise things like ‘free gold' in return, these are tactics players will use to access your account and steal your items. Keep in mind that even your close friends could potentially steal your items if they have your login info. Trust us, we've seen it happen all too many times. So please, don't share your information with anyone.

If a player sends you a link to any off-app website or form asking you to input your Highrise details, please do not follow the link as it may be malicious. Instead, report & block that player. These links are a common tactic known as phishing: that player is attempting to gain access to your account to steal your items, or worse, install malicious software on your device. For reference, Highrise staff will *never* ask for your password or Safety Lock pin.

Additional Steps

Sometimes websites you've visited and registered with in the past may have their databases leaked. These leaks will often contain the email address that you signed up with as well as the password you set. If you often reuse the same password this could lead to your email being hacked and your accounts recovered and used by hackers. To check if your email has been involved in any data breaches you can look it up here:

If you discover your email has been involved in a breach it's important to change your password ASAP and enable Two Factor Authentication to ensure no one gains access to your account.

When setting your first password or changing an existing password, do not use a password that is easy to guess or that you've used on other applications. Set something unique with at least 8 characters. Make sure to include punctuation and random characters (@,!,&); doing this makes it nearly impossible for a player to guess your password. You can even use this application generates and stores extremely secure passwords for you - and the best part is it's free:

If your email provider supports it, we suggest setting up Two-Factor Authentication. This adds an extra layer of security to your email login by requiring anyone logging into your email account to enter in a code generated by an authentication application. You'll find a few links below to 2FA guides for some popular email providers:

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